• Won the heat race tonight and got P8 in the main with a bad steering pump. Could've had a shot at the win but will try again tomorrow. 🏁

  • RT @WARSprintSeries: .@Wilwoodbrakes Heat 2 Finish:

    8K Leer
    75W White
    2 Curry
    20 S. Thomas
    3 Dewitt
    32 Stockon DNS

  • You're welcome 😋 https://t.co/8srNFvSEpJ

  • RT @BrndnBmnPhotos: Hell yes! Get to see @leerkatlynn12k at @jaxspeedway Friday w the @WARSprintSeries!

  • You know you're tired when you hit the break instead of the clutch and scare the shit out of yourself in the middle of a highway. 🙃😴

  • RT @SydneyG_13: "If he doesn't make you happy, and make you laugh, then sometimes it's not worth it." - Grandpa

  • @RileyDuke15 dick

  • @RileyDuke15 oh my gosh 😂😂😂

  • RT @RileyDuke15: @leerkatlynn12k like my new avi?

  • RT @kyndallmarie_: how some girls look with a middle part vs. me http://t.co/O9s0um3vgr

  • @justin_peck5 @BrndnBmnPhotos I'm sure it can happen 💁🏽

  • Oh, and they also think Jeff Gordon is out in the track in the 24.. 😂#NASCAR

  • I had to keep my mouth shut.. Lol https://t.co/G5sV9YkHXd



Leer gets highest career finish in

Leer gets highest career finish in...

On July 9th Leer claimed her highest finish in Farmington MO. Racing with the WAR Sprint car series she has learned a lot and has gotten seat time with the KCBJ Motorsports team. Leer finished 2nd in the heat race, coming from 8th. She was "highest point man" and she drew a 6, so she started 6th...more